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You can apply online by filling an application form below.

Jury and selection

A Jury of distinguished industry professionals decide if the innovative product meets the requirements of the customers and represents real value. If so it is judged, the product enters the consumer research.

Product categories

The organisers and the jury along with collegaues of the market research institute establish the final categories in which the products will be fit.

Gallup poll

On a country scale representative poll the consumers themselves vote for the best product.

Award ceremony – March 2015

The winners of 2015 are announced on a grand scale award ceremony.

Being a winner

Winners can use the logo of POY for one year on the packing of their product, and in their advertisements and other media appearances. The logo of the international product pricing system is similar in every country, only translated to the national language of the given country.

Due to the fact that the price is given independently from the manufacturers, by the consumers themselves, the logo represents the excellence and reliability of the product, and suggests quality towards other consumers. The international experience proves that it has great consuming incentive value. The red basic color is very attention seeking and easily notable on the packing.